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Educating the public on "Living Organ Donation" .As a Registered Nurse I have made it my life mission to Educate and Raise Awareness for living organ donation. Educating the public as a  professional in the medical field and having experienced this as a living donor myself.. I gave Jerry Sellers my ex-husband (in the black & white photo on the left) one of my kidneys in 2010.  (color photo below: Our sons Colin & Zachary Sellers with me Cindy Sellers) Over 18 people die a day needing a life saving organ transplant. If we were informed and educated about this need we as a nation could make decisions that could possibly save a life, while experiencing  the blessing of this awesome gift. 

" I believe that one's karma can be changed forever if willing to extend a part of ourselves. Henceforth, Shug's In Memory of Jerry Sellers was created.